Free Fall Tower


Motorized reproduction of the fairground attraction 'Free Fall Tower" made with Lego.

Foldable on three 8 studs large trailers.

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239,00 €


Technische Daten

Breite (cm) 53
Tiefe (cm) 35
Höhe (cm) 85
Gewicht (Kg) 2,2
Anzahl der Steine 1580
Konstruktionsschritte 350
Anzahl der Motoren 1
Kontrollkästchen Batterie Box (Ein / Aus)

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  • Full Carousel (Gondola is lifted to the top of the tower and then falls in free fall before being automatically braked)
  • Checkout
  • 3 trucks
  • printed on photo paper decorations
  • CD-ROM containing the installation and transport instructions (.pdf) and scenery (.jpg)
  • Motor and battery control box (Lego Power functions)

Age: 10+