Top Scan


Motorized reproduction of the fairground attraction "Top Scan" made with Lego bricks.

Transportable on two trailers of 8 studs wide.

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Data sheet

Width (cm) 53
Depth (cm) 50
Height (cm) 52
Weight (Kg) 1,9
Number of parts 1646
Construction Steps 386
Motors included 1
Control Box Battery Box (On/Off)

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  • Full carousel (6x 6 seats gondolas rotate freely at the end of an 45° inclined arm)
  • Checkout
  • 2 trucks
  • printed on photo paper decorations
  • CD-ROM containing the installation and transport instructions (.pdf) and scenery (.jpg)
  • Motor and battery control box (Lego Power functions)

Age: 10+




Example of assembly instructions

Download (4.99M)